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Velvet Underground - Legendary Guitar Amp Tapes

Lou fuckin' Reed
What more do I need to say, just Lou fuckin' Reed.

So the story goes, a fan recorded the shows directly through Lou's guitar amp.

Vocals? Not in this bootleg sir.Though some of Reed's vocals do manage to somehow be heard, it's all music with Lou's guitar playing leading the way.

So the result? Classic VU tunes turn into out of this world loud instrumentals.

1. I Can't Stand It
2. Candy Says
3. I'm Waiting For The Man
4. Ferry Boat Bill
5. I'm Set Free
6. What Goes On
7. White Light/White Heat
8. Beginning To See The Light
9. Jesus
10. Heroin/Sister Ray
11. Move Right In
12. Run Run Run
13. Foggy Notion

The Velvet Underground - Legendary Guitar Amp Tapes
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